Company Overview

About Us

Semplastics has been supplying precision plastic engineered components to a broad range of industries since 2000, including Semiconductor, Medical, Aerospace, and Oil&Gas industries. Semplastics provides a unique combination of plastics manufacturing expertise along with hands-on semiconductor processing experience. Our engineering staff has over 50 semiconductor process patents issued.

In today’s challenging economy, reducing the cost of ownership is essential for semiconductor manufacturers. Semplastics has a proven track record of reducing the cost of ownership for semiconductor fabs.

Reasons for Doing Business with Our Company

Why Semplastics?

Precision Equals Performance

Semplastics understands that the flatness dimensions of silicon wafers are in microns not mils. Therefore, we have designed our operations with the intent of providing micron tolerances on identified critical dimensions. For plastics components that hold silicon wafers, having flatter and more consistent plastic components produces superior semiconductor processing results.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Semplastics’ personnel’s semiconductor fab experience gives Semplastics unique insight into the issues of reducing cost of ownership. Projects that Semplastics has partnered with fabs to reduce cost of ownership include:

  • Better Dimensional CMP Retaining Rings Improving Process Uniformity
  • Longer Lifetime CMP Rings by using a Superior Plastic Base Material
  • Particle Reduction in Plasma Etching Chamber
  • Producing a Copy Exact OEM Consumable Plastic Component at a Less expensive price