Growth of China’s IC Fabs Driving Demand for Semiconductor Equipment and Consumable Spare Parts

The growth in China’s IC industry is driving demand for new and used semiconductor equipment as well as the spare parts that are required to keep this equipment operational.  According to IC Insights, China is seeking to boost their self-sufficiency rate in semiconductor manufacturing from less than 20% in 2015 to 40% in 2020 and to 70% in 2025.  This effort has been termed the “Made in China 2025” initiative.  In order to accomplish this goal, China is investing heavily in the construction of wafers fabs, which is driving the demand for semiconductor equipment and consumable spare parts.  In fact, worldwide 200mm wafer capacity is projected to peak in 2019, the highest since 2007.

To help fabs cost effectively maintain their front end wafer processing equipment, Semplastics specializes in the manufacturing of 150mm-200mm plastic semiconductor spares.  Several tool sets are a specific focus, including DNS 60A/60B, 80A/80B scrubbers and photo tracks as well as AS2000 post CMP scrubbers.  The consumable spares for this equipment are often difficult to obtain and expensive.  Semplastics maintains many consumable plastic spare parts for DNS equipment in stock.  Our focus is to supply the high-quality plastic spares required by wafer fabs at competitive pricing, often times shipping the same or next day from our sprawling parts warehouse.  Other tools sets that we support include TEL tracks, Semitool wet etch/cleans, Semitool platers, and retaining rings for CMP polishers such as Ebara, IPEC, Speedfam, Auriga, and Mirra.

Semplastics stocks a wide variety of semi plastic spares to minimize tool down events.  In addition to DNS equipment, parts are available for a broad array of wet etch, plasma etch, photo track and scrubber equipment.  Serving the customer with high-quality, reliable parts is our priority.

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