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Improvements in Materials are key factors to driving reduced cost of ownership. Developing and introducing new materials into the marketplace is a point of emphasis for Semplastics.

With proper definition of the operating environment of the plastic component, Semplastics can evaluate the appropriateness of the plastics base material and the suitability of a replacement plastic for a reduced cost of ownership.

Semplastics has expertise involving plastics with the following characteristics:

  • Wear Resistant
  • ESD Limiting
  • High Temperature
  • High Purity Chemical Resistant
  • High Resistivity
  • Structural Applications

These plastics include Polyimide, VespelR, PEEK, TorlonR, Teflon, CPVC, C-10R, DelrinR, Ertalyte, PPS, CelazolR, UltemR, KynarR, HalarR, PCTFE, and PFA to name a few.

Downloadable PDF’s indicate specific plastic material characteristics:

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