What is Disruptive/ Disruption?

The word Disruptive is thrown around quite a bit. It seems as if every day we hear about disruptive technologies/products that are going to change the world. Disruptive is one of those buzz words that makes one wonder- what does Disruptive really mean?

I recently attended a Marketing Forum sponsored by the American Ceramics Society. A couple of the presenters, which worked at a very large glass technology company, were discussing the concept of disruption. Their company had taken the position that truly disruptive events combine new technologies with new designs that create a world which was unimagined before.  Events such as the iPhone and Integrated Circuit come to mind as truly Disruptive products which change the worldview of people. This change in worldview subsequently does Change the World!

As a technology person, the key to changing the world is to combine visionary design with visionary technology. The iPhone would not be the same product without the RF technology, touch sensors, powerful miniaturized integrated circuits, and leading edge glass technology among others. (I apologize if I did not acknowledge your cool technology that goes into the iPhone or smart phone product.)

X-MAT® is an innovative, cool technology which can make lightweight, thermally stable, high temperature material systems. However, if we do not work with visionary designers, we will not be a part of something disruptive. SO what do you have in mind that could change the world if you could REIMAGINE HIGH PERFORMANCE MATERIALS!

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