Semiconductor Plastic Spares and Consumables

Semplastics designs and manufactures plastic spares and consumables for a broad range of wafer fab processing equipment.

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Photolithography / Tracks

For DNS 80A/80B, 60A/60B photolithographic track spares, the current part listings can be found at the following table.

Other phototrack spares include precision machined polypropylene IC cups for TEL ACT 6 and CLEAN TRACK ACT 8 systems. Both the standard 3-piece and the redesigned 4-piece IC cup upgrade are available. The redesigned (4-piece) IC cup upgrade provides greatly improved exhaust flow. The benefits are listed below:

  • Improved resist uniformity, most notably near the edge of the wafer
  • Dramatic reduction in topside particles
  • Significant reduction in backside particles, which lowers solvent consumption and improves yields
  • Precise resist thickness profile results in better process control  

3-Piece IC Cup Assembly, Polypropylene

4-Piece IC Cup Upgrade (Assembly), Polypropylene

Bottom Cup from 3-Piece and 4-Piece IC Cup Upgrade, Polypropylene

2-Piece Upper Cup from 4-Piece IC Cup Assembly

We also specialize in machining TEL TRACK ACT 8, and Lithius pincettes and fingers from high-performance wear-resistant material such as Vespel to reduce cost of ownership and improve up-time.


Other high-performance plastic materials are available for improved lifetime of the wafer support fingers for the following equipment: Mark 8, CLEAN TRACK ACT 8, and Lithius.

  • Injection molded polypropylene cups are also available for FSI litho tracks.  


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